ENCATC Congress 2024

Culture that matters: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable Futures 18-20 September 2024, Lecce, Italy

2024 ENCATC International Study Tour: Discover la Grecìa Salentina 

As a post-Congress programme, on 21-22 September 2024, participants have the opportunity to join the 11th edition of the Study Tour and embark on an exploratory voyage to rediscover the essence of Salentine Greece, embracing its rich historical heritage while embracing its contemporary allure.

Salentine Greece (Grecìa Salentina) is a culturally rich area in southern Apulia known for its strong Greek heritage. ENCATC's careful curation of experiences and site visits will allow you to witness how local-based cultural initiatives can transform and dynamise a territory, preserving and promoting its unique heritage and traditions. 

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2024 ENCATC International Study Tour: Discover la Grecìa Salentina 
Kora - Contemporary Arts Center (Castrignano de' Greci)

Discover the programme

The 2024 Study Tour will allow participants to explore and experiment cultural sites in Calimera, Castrignano de' Greci, Sternatia, and Cutrofiano.  

The programme entails 2 full days of activities. We will part from a meeting point in Lecce and return, both days, to the same meeting point after the scheduled dinners. Check below all the sites and activities included:

Saturday, 21 September 2024 | Calimera & Sternatia

Morning programme in Calimera:

Visit to Museum-House of peasantry life and "griko" culture
The museum serves as a research and survey hub dedicated to the cultural heritage of Grecìa Salentina. It features objects from the past displayed in thematic halls, with the sounds of traditional "Griko" folk music providing an atmospheric backdrop for your tour.

Visit to the old town
A true “open museum” with traditional elements that characterize Calimera.

Visit to the Pietra forata di San Vito
The holed stone represents a Christian adaptation of a pagan ritual in which people pass through the hole to invoke fertility and prosperity.

Afternoon programme in Sternatia:

Guided visit to the underground oil mill
The "Frantoio ipogeo" dates back to the mid-fifteenth century. It is a complex network of tunnels that were originally used for processing and producing olive oil for both food and non-food purposes.

Guided visit to Palazzo Marchesale Granafei and garden
This baronial residence of the Granafei family, who have held the fief of Sternatia since 1733, is divided into three levels surrounding an internal courtyard. The accessible area includes several halls adorned with Rococo frescoes depicting mythological scenes and gods, created by artists from Salento, including Serafino Elmo.

Poems and songs in Greek-Salentine (Griko) in the Study Center "Chora-Ma"
Chora-ma is a cultural association with over 47 years of history, focused on promoting and spreading culture across various fields such as social, cultural, environmental, tourism, and sports. Through its programs and initiatives, the association aims to contribute to the promotion of Salento's territory, people, cuisine, arts, and crafts.    

Dinner at " Salento Km 0 - To Kalò Fai"
Salento Km0 was established in 2011 with the goal of creating a solidarity network that respects the entire ecosystem. The association aims to promote the production of "healthy, fair, and good" food through short chains. Salento Km0 focuses on implementing transformative interventions in the local area to enhance environmental, social, and economic conditions. Since 2015, Salento Km0 has been managing the Urban Laboratory "To Kalò Fai" in Zollino. The laboratory serves as a center for promoting, distributing, and protecting natural local agricultural products, as well as educating people about good practices. The name of the space, which means "good food" in griko, aims to promote the culture of eco-sustainability by focusing on local food tradition and the promotion of gastronomic excellence.    

Sunday, 22 September 2024 | Castrignano de'Greci & Cutrofiano

Morning programme in Castrignano de'Greci:

Guided visit at Kora Contemporary Arts Center
Kora is an inspiring hub dedicated to the production and multidisciplinary exploration of contemporary art. Situated within the storied walls of the Palazzo Baronale de Gualtieriis in Castrignano de Greci, it serves as a vibrant venue for exhibitions, educational workshops, creative sessions, and artist residencies.

Afternoon programme in Cutrofiano:

Guided visit at Fratelli Colì ceramics company
A company whose history coincides with that of his family, a solid reality bound to and generated by tradition, which since 1650 has been creating ceramic work by pursuing high quality. From the skilful hands of grandfather Antonio have sprung entire generations of coopers to whom, with stubbornness, he has passed on the passion for this ancient craft. Today Fratelli Colì is one of Italy's leading ceramic districts, distinguished by quality, care and attention to detail

Guided tour at the Ceramics Museum
Established in 1985 as a simple exhibition of traditional terracotta produced in the past by local artisans, the Cutrofiano Ceramic Museum has been enriched over time through donations and purchases, playing a very important role in the valorisation of an activity that has characterised the local economy since ancient times. Since its foundation, it has co-existed with the Municipal Library, in which there is a special section dedicated to ceramic studies. Divided by type, the collection covers a chronological range from the Neolithic period to the last century and exhibits various artifacts found in rural areas, a rich collection of majolica, tools used for terracotta production and a historical-artistic section with period photographs.

Ceramics workshop at the Museum
A practical ceramics manipulation workshop with local ceramists will allow you to discover the traditional ‘colombino’ technique. During the activity, between play and technique, there will be hints at the history of ceramic production and the production of artifacts inspired by the museum's collection.

Dinner at the "Agriturismo Biologico Piccapane". 
In the Biosteria located inside the “Agriturismo”, it’s cooks everything that is produced in the garden. You can enjoy excellent vegan cuisine prepared with seasonal vegetables. Only whole wheat flours are used, sugar is banned and replaced by malt or agave juice. The beer and wine are organic and produced in the area.


The 2024 Study Tour requires an additional registration, as a post-Congress programme. If you are attending the ENCATC Congress (18-20 September) and Study Tour (21-22 September), please consider these dates to book your travel and accommodation.  Registration for the Study Tour will be open until 23 August 2024.

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Includes lunches, dinners, and transport to all venues.
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