ENCATC Academy

22-25 April 2024, Lille, France

The interaction of participants who have come together within the Academy represents a cohesive alliance capable of providing meaningful and impactful outcomes together. The Alumni programme facilitates networking among cultural professionals and educators to foster collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing. 

By participating in the programme, each member gains access to ongoing ENCATC learning opportunities focused on sustainable development, including the ENCATC Members Talks. Furthermore, the programme actively supports professional development and provides individuals with certificates of completion, serving as tangible evidence of their expertise in the field. A wide range of resources, such as research papers and case studies, are shared regularly on a dedicated LinkedIn page, ensuring awareness of the latest trends and best practices in sustainable development. 

The Alumni programme also arises collaboration opportunities with other ENCATC members leading to new partnerships, European projects, new ideas and innovations. Being part of the programme means joining a community of committed cultural operators and educators, offering a sense of belonging and purpose, with opportunities for relevant engagement in projects and initiatives.