ENCATC Academy

22-25 April 2024, Lille, France

Over the course of a decade, the ENCATC Academy has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of education and skills enhancement within the domain of sustainable cultural management. The ENCATC Academy is designed to equip the current and future generation of  educators, researchers, students, managers, practitioners, artists and policy makers with new skills and competences to ensure a sustainable future in culture.

By means of comprehensive lectures, immersive case studies, and collaborative practical exercises, participants of the Academy embark on a journey of expanding their knowledge and acquiring fresh competencies. We work towards building climate resilience and fostering inclusivity within the cultural sector. Our programme owes its distinction to our esteemed partners, recognised pioneers in the realms of education and sustainability, guaranteeing a distinctive and superior learning experience.

The ENCATC Academy brings together professionals from across cultural sectors to advance the cause of sustainability in their fields, taking a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. Participants are able to deepen their understanding of how sustainability can be foregrounded and developed in the cultural sector, while building their network of cultural practitioners, experts, academics, researchers and policy makers. 

By participating in the Academy, participants can expect to acquire several significant takeaways:

  • Learn about the latest advances in sustainable cultural policy and management.
  • Gain or expand awareness of the multiple dimensions of sustainability in culture.
  • Acquire knowledge on how sustainability and resilience best apply to cultural activities.
  • Get acquainted with the cultural actors that make the sustainable transition possible.
  • Network and expand relationships with like-minded professionals from the cultural field.


Since 2011, ENCATC has been developing its Environmental Sustainability Policy, prioritising sustainable goals working with key players and initiatives, such as the Climate Heritage Network. Collaboration and cooperation are at the heart of our vision of sustainability, and in this context the Academy is a central element in bringing together diverse actors in the efforts for climate resilience. The Academy focuses on sustainability and sustainable development while guiding participants to understand the digital environment and build their network of external relationships.

The work of the ENCATC Academy goes far beyond the days of the event itself. By stimulating peer learning, the exchange of best practices, and shared reflections on challenges and their potential solutions, the Academy sets the foundations for ongoing endeavours by cultural institutions, academics and individual professionals, enabling productive connections for further collaborations.