2024 ENCATC Academy on sustainable cultural management and policy

Lille, France

The ENCATC Academy is the space to learn, co-create, and exchange to build sustainable futures together! The 2024 edition is hosted by the City of Lille (France), in partnership with Eurocities, Goldsmiths - University of London, Julie's Bicycle, and NEMO.

The ENCATC Academy is the premier annual event for the international cultural management and policy community, serving as a hub for learning and adopting new approaches, actions, and policies. Originally conceived to assist academics and cultural actors in integrating sustainability into their practices, the Academy has evolved into a key gathering for educators, researchers, managers, and practitioners dedicated to creating sustainable futures through culture. The event facilitates exchange and insights through its central pillars:

  • Educating and training those who will be teaching the future generation of cultural actors;
  • Empowering cultural managers and operators with new practices for their sustainability efforts;
  • Equipping policy makers with new knowledge for developing new sustainable policies.

As an organisation, ENCATC has embarked on a green path since 2011 by developing a Green Policy of its own, molding events to be compliant with sustainable goals, partnering with key players on the topic, and joining key initiatives, such as the Climate Heritage Network and its manifestos.

But the collective dimension of any substantial action in the realm of sustainability cannot be overlooked. In this sense, the Academy was developed to allow and enact the mission of involving other actors in the efforts for climate resilience. For this reason, the Academy is open to all those who have stakes in the field and recognize the challenges ahead for cultural sustainability: uniting forces and collaborating are the way to achieve tangible, significant results

The 2024 ENCATC Academy is offered as a contribution to the European Year of Skills.

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2024 ENCATC Academy on sustainable cultural management and policy