ENCATC recognitions


Honoring extraordinary achievements in cultural management and policy

For more than three decades, ENCATC has been dedicated to the continuous advancement of education, research, and policy in the realm of culture. In addition to the wide array of activities and offerings provided by the network, a distinct awards program has been established to acknowledge and bring to light exceptional accomplishments in cultural management and policy.

Bestowing recognition upon the most prominent endeavors in the field of culture is crucial for showcasing groundbreaking knowledge, exemplary practices, and further inspire current and future cultural actors.  By bolstering the careers of emerging researchers and duly acknowledging well-established professionals, ENCATC ensures the sustainability and fortification of the competitive edge in the culture and creative sectors.

ENCATC grants the Research Award on Cultural Management and Policy on an annual basis, and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cultural Management, Education, Research, and Policy on a biennial basis. Both accolades include prestigious ceremonies held as part of ENCATC's annual congress. Delve into the sections to gain a deeper understanding of each award's underlying concept, aims, benefits, eligibility criteria, and updates!