Sandra Del Campo González

ENCATC Trainee: July - August 2019

Nationality: Spanish

Communication Trainee

Doing an internship at ENCATC has been a learning opportunity enriching both my personal and professional development. Moreover, it is always a pleasure to work with a positive and proactive team. I definitely recommend this experience to restless and curious minds willing to learn from everything that the cultural sector and this organization offer!

This internship has given me the opportunity to know how an organization, which directly works on the cultural and creative sector through different programmes, projects and events, works in terms of its management process. Moreover, ENCATC has a strong influence in Europe, hence it has allowed me to broaden my vision. Apart from this, I would also like to highlight that at a personal level, this experience has been a great opportunity for me to live and enjoy such a culturally vibrant city as Brussels is.

I would also recommend doing an internship at ENCATC because this is a very enriching experience for interns. It allows them to work with a proactive team, the tasks definitely allow oneself to better understand the cultural sector and ENCATC also runs different programs that make the internship balanced between more administrative tasks (in terms of office work) and more dynamic ones. In addition, Brussels is a city full of activities and opportunities for young people.

ENCATC Trainee: July - August 2019