Marie Warnier

ENCATC Trainee: February - April 2020

Nationality: Belgian

Translation Trainee

I would like to thank the whole ENCATC team for the warm welcome they gave me! It was a perfect first job experience.  It was the opportunity to discover the world of work, learn the place of a translator in an organisation, learn more about the goals and the activities of ENCATC, and use the translation skills I learned during my studies. 

My colleagues did everything to make me feel comfortable at work and I could always count on them if I had doubts or questions. I had the chance to work in a multicultural environment and an adorable team! It was a great experience even if it was a bit disrupted by the Covid-19. Nonetheless it enables me to discover another side of the translator’s profession: the solitary facet of the freelance translator’s work. On a technical point of view, the homeworking didn’t change much of my daily working routine as I always work on my computer to carry out my translation tasks. On the other hand, on a relational and social point of view, I realise the importance of communicating with my colleagues. Working from home also taught me to elaborate a strict schedule and respect it in order to stay motivated and do all my tasks effectively. To conclude, I think in the future I’d rather choose a job that allows me to see my colleagues everyday and work in an office.

ENCATC Trainee: February - April 2020