María José González

ENCATC Trainee: August - December 2020

Nationality: Mexican 

Research and Marketing Trainee

During the time that I had the opportunity to work with ENCATC, I learned a lot. Even though the circumstances were not optimal, due to the pandemic, my professional ad personal growth was incredible. Not only did I learn from each task and project that I was entrusted with, but form the professionalism, teamwork, and experience of the ENCATC team. From the very beginning I was welcomed with open arms and expectant smiles, everyone in the team was available to help me with any doubts or situation that I may have had. In many other places, as a trainee you may tend to be forgotten, but not in ENCATC, my ideas were always considered, and my work was always important. I always felt part of the team.

The opportunity to work in an intercultural environment showed me the different ways of problem solving and work philosophy. Likewise, I confirmed once more that no matter how different the culture is, we can, and should, always work as a team. It prepared me for future cultural differences in other projects. I also learned a good deal about the importance of networks and teamwork between institutions to strengthen the cultural sector, something that is sometimes forgotten in Latin América.

All in all, my experience at ENCATC was enriching. I would love work with the organisation again, and maybe this time I would not have to do it virtually. All that is left to say is: thank you to all the ENCATC team for the amazing opportunity!

ENCATC Trainee: August - December 2020