Dana Maya

ENCATC Trainee January - May 2021

Nationality: Mexican

Activities Trainee

Being an intern at ENCATC was an amazing opportunity, from which I learned and grew both professionally and personally. Even with a complicated worldwide scenario as the pandemic and the limitations it brought regarding communication, we managed to go beyond our capabilities and deliver in each task and project. Moreover, my internship in ENCATC helped me with my own studies. It was a great experience to be part of this organization and learn more about cultural management all around the world. It was a unique and exceptional way of engaging with cultural projects, investigations, and proposals that went beyond national borders.

ENCATC taught me numerous skills and how they can be applied to a global intercultural structure, it also showed me the importance of international participation within projects and educational resources. On a personal level, doing an internship at ENCATC broadened my perspective and demanded me to go beyond what I already knew, enriching my mindset in a multicultural world. Hence, allowing me to have an active participation in different projects and a voice when it came to sharing my ideas and suggestions. ENCATC is an amazing organization that welcomes you and creates a space for voices all around the world to be heard.

ENCATC Trainee January - May 2021