Begoña Meade Cubillas

ENCATC Trainee : August - December 2020

Nationality: Mexican 

Research and Marketing Trainee

Being able to work at ENCATC was a great opportunity and a very enriching experience. The people I had the honour to work with made me feel welcome to the organisation since the beginning. As a cultural management student in Mexico, I was able to observe the “real world” of cultural management in a broader, global perspective, while, at the same time, one of my tasks gave me the opportunity to learn the work that is currently being done in Latin America. In this, and many other ways, working at ENCATC not only presents you with a chance to learn and grow in a work environment, but it offers you learning opportunities outside the internship itself, like the opportunity to assist to the annual Congress.

ENCATC helps you grow both professionally and personally. As an intern, you feel like you are truly part of the team, and that the work you are doing is not only useful but also appreciated. I am grateful for this opportunity and appreciate everything I take with me from both the organisation and the people that shape it.

ENCATC Trainee : August - December 2020