Alessandra D’Angelo

ENCATC Trainee: March - August 2007

Nationality: Italian

Activities Trainee

At ENCATC I was truly amazed to discover the way an NGO works, the international environment, the small team daily linked to a large network of colleagues worldwide. For ENCATC, I contributed to the development of the Latin American directory of Universities offering a training class in Cultural Management, and I carried out a research project on cultural networks. I was involved in several communication tasks as well as in the organization of ENCATC main event, where I had the opportunity to meet new, stimulating people joined by the common goal of promoting cultural management. Spending six months at ENCATC, I improved my communication and research skills, and I was selected for an internship at the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, where I dealt with many communication activities related to the Lifelong Learning Program.

I’m currently working for APCO Worldwide. APCO is a consulting firm in communications and public relations, based in over 22 countries around the world. In my work, I assist international clients in communication plans, media and institutions relations, and strategic communication.

I can surely say that ENCATC was a great start for my career and my personal development!

ENCATC Trainee: March - August 2007