Project Me Mind (2021-2022)

Museums Events – Measuring Impact on Local eNvironment with Data analytics

This project aims to provide cultural and creative professionals (such as museums, and cultural events organisations), with a replicable methodology that combines cross-sectoral approaches and strategies to measure the economic and social impact of their activities in quantitative and qualitative terms. 

The overall goal of the project is to develop the capacity to meet the demands of a changing, more diverse, increasingly digital and ageing society, accordingly to the new European agenda for Culture. 

The project funded by Creative Europe mainly addresses the call’s objective “fostering innovative cross-sectoral approaches and tools to facilitate access, distribution, promotion and/or monetisation of culture and creativity, including cultural heritage”, providing cultural and creative organisations with a methodology aimed to make better business decisions on the basis of the measurement and analysis of their activities' impact, combining several data sources, and implementing Data/Computer Science to enrich the set of information, and Data Visualisation (mixing audio-visual and digital installation techniques). 

The project will facilitate cultural and creative organisations to have more efficient impact measurement and to make benefits more evident towards public administrations (as they define cultural policies), potential public and private sponsors (as they manage economic investments) as well as the general audience (as it is relevant part of the cultural activities success).

It will take care to prototype and test, within two use cases, a dataset, ad hoc developed, combining heterogeneous data, indicators, and sources that will help other cultural and creative organisations to evaluate their impact and thus to investigate the effectiveness and sustainability of their multilevel strategies, trends, and practices in order to attract promoters, reinforce supporters, and enlarge and engage audiences. 

The project members are: 

  • Fondazione Sistema Toscana (FST) 
  • Eesti Rahva Muuseum (ERM) 
  • University of Pisa (UNIPI) 
  • Byfacility SL (Domestic Data Streamers) (DDS) 

ENCATC is an Associate Partner in this project.