CreaSus (2023-2026)

CreaSus - Sustainability Business Models for CCSIs

CreaSus project is co-funded by the European Union, starting from October 2023 until October 2026

The CreaSus project addresses the imperative link between sustainability and competitiveness within cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSIs). By associating sustainability with CCSIs' management and business practices, CreaSus aims to elevate culture as the fourth pillar of sustainability. The project, vital for an industry representing over 4% of the European Union’s GDP, endeavors to develop a specific system of indicators for self-assessment, introducing innovative practices that align with sustainability.

Focused on fostering internal motivation rather than external drivers, CreaSus seeks to make sustainability innovations a source of competitive advantage, providing CCSIs with a toolkit for funding schemes and guiding them towards profitable sustainability practices. Through this innovative approach, CreaSus aspires to enhance the competitiveness and economic potential of the entire cultural and creative industries ecosystem, building resilience and diversity. With the support of 40 CCSIs, the project is poised to test and implement results that reflect the heterogeneous reality of the cultural and creative enterprise landscape.

CreaSus is coordinated by Fundación Banco Santander (Spain) and joined by Mosaic (Greece), University of Bari (Italy), Zabala Innovation (Spain), and WestBIC (Ireland). ENCATC will be in charge of overseeing and implementing the communication and dissemination of the project.