ENCATC reveals title for its 2019 Annual Congress on Cultural Management and Policy

ENCATC reveals title for its 2019 Annual Congress on Cultural Management and Policy

Today, ENCATC has revealed the title of its 2019 Congress on Cultural Management and Policy: “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education”. Taking place from 2-5 October in Dijon, France, the ENCATC Congress will be the occasion for academics, researchers, decision makers, experts, practitioners, artists, students and media from all over the world to thoroughly explore the practical meanings of diversity in the cultural and creative sector,  investigate how its different connotations are implemented in practice, and how they are contributing to the sustainability discourse in the field.

Thanks to contributions from leading experts, the Congress will look at the theme from different perspectives, such as: diversity of cultural and artistic production; diversity of artists/inclusion of different categories of artists; diversity of business models; diversity of audiences; diversity in creative spaces such as co-working and incubators places; diversity of governance and management models among others. 

Done in partnership in 2019 with its member the Burgundy School of Business, the ENCATC Congress format includes 6 main activities: the Members’ Forum, the Conference, the Young and Emerging Researchers’ Forum, the Research Award Ceremony, the Education and Research Session, and the cultural excursions. 

In this format, the ENCATC Congress is the opportunity for academics, trainers and researchers from the cultural management and policy educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to mingle with professionals, policy makers and artists and thus to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy.

In addition, this international gathering of participants from different world regions is also a unique opportunity for delegates to learn about innovative projects, exchange practices, network with peers, expand and strengthen their professional relationships as well as have a full immersion into the local host country’s culture through artistic programming and guided tours.

In 2019, ENCATC is debuting a new activity "ENCATC Governance Camp #1" designed to engage youth representatives to contribute their ideas for improving ENCATC's governance model. 

The ENCATC Congress is done with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

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