Save the date! 2019 ENCATC Congress on 2-5 October in Dijon, France!

Save the date! 2019 ENCATC Congress on 2-5 October in Dijon, France!

The 2019 ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy is happening from 2-5 October 2019 in Dijon, France!

In 2019, the Congress theme will address sustainability and diversity within, by and for culture. This topic will ignite a broader reflection and launch a debate on how the theme of sustainability and diversity is entering the cultural and creative sector, stimulating new perspectives in the sustainability discussion, and challenging the current and developing debates and models regarding cultural policy, management and education. In particular, the Congress wants to share different points of view, ongoing experiments and the latest research related to the theme.

A key annual gathering for academics, trainers and researchers from the cultural management and policy educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests, the ENCATC Congress is the opportunity to network with professionals, policy makers and artists and thus to bridge the knowledge gap, to discuss about new methodologies in pedagogy as well as promote research esteem.

Done in partnership in 2019 with its member the Burgundy School of Business, the ENCATC Congress format includes 6 main activities: the Members’ Forum, the Conference, the Young and Emerging Researchers’ Forum, the Research Award Ceremony, the Education and Research Session, and cultural excursions.

Mark your calendar and also keep yourself informed our social media feeds with #ENCATC2019 on Facebook and Twitter.


Photo by Dierk Schaefer via Flick CC BY 2.0

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