6 reasons being in Japan is a must this November for #ENCATCinTokyo

6 reasons being in Japan is a must this November for #ENCATCinTokyo

When will you have your next chance to go to Japan and create new synergies with leading cultural and educational institutions in Tokyo? From 5-9 November in Tokyo, the 2018 ENCATC International Study Tour will be your key to open new doors for partnerships and access a specially designed intensive learning experience. The 5-day programme includes the 2018 ENCATC Academy on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy and Study Visits.

Seize this opportunity to join other motivated professionals who join ENCATC's wish to back up recent EU-Japan policy developments, who are eager to access the latest on cultural management and policy in Japan, and who are thirsty to deepen their knowledge on cultural policy and cultural diplomacy in the land of the rising sun. 

Need more reasons to attend? We've got 6 just to get you started!

  • A KEY JOINT CALL: Higher education institutions can’t miss to start preparing to answer to the upcoming joint call for proposals to co-finance consortia of excellent European and Japanese universities to develop highly integrated master programmes and provide scholarships for talented students from Europe and Japan to study abroad. The joint call will be published by the European Commission in the framework of the EU Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree action and the Japan Inter-University Exchange Project (IUEP).
  • CULTURAL POLICY AND EU STRATEGY IN JAPAN: Is your education programme missing out on delivering knowledge on Japanese cultural policy and EU-Japan relations? Learn more about EU strategy in Japan with particular focus on education and culture as well as about Japanese Cultural Policy, Relations & Diplomacy.
  • COOPERATION: Connect with local researchers academics, professionals and artists to explore possibilities for mutual exchanges and for boosting the cooperation between your organisation and Japan counterparts. Involve new stakeholders and reach new audiences for your institution through exciting cooperation opportunities.
  • TRANSNATIONAL PROJECTS: Start joint education, culture, research artistic - or a combination! - for new transnational projects between education and cultural institutions based in Europe, Asia and USA and the ones based in Tokyo and beyond.
  • INSPIRATIONS: Are you feeling a bit stuck? Get fresh inspiration for immediate use! Educators will gain new knowledge and case studies for teaching. Researchers can learn about new trends that need deeper understanding. Cultural professionals will access interesting managerial practices. Decision makers will be energized to tackle key issues. Artists and creators will have endless sparks for their creativity thanks to the extraordinary museums proposed as study visits.
  • PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING: The beauty of the International Study Tour designed for educators, researchers, cultural professionals, decision makers, artists and creators means not only increasing the number of contacts in your network, but also expand your it beyond  traditional professional circles. Enrich your professional network; you never know where exciting opportunity could come from next!

Registration is open until 1 November: Members of ENCATC, TACPS and AAAE can benefit from special rates! 

Learn more about the International Study Tour here:

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