Sharing perceptions to confront ongoing transformations

Sharing perceptions to confront ongoing transformations

With the ambition to offer a learning and participatory experience, on 27 September the "Sharing Perceptions Experience" during the 2018 ENCATC Congress (26-29 September) invites participants to observe enlightening situations and analyse how to take into account the changes that affect cultural management and cultural policy in professional practice, teaching, research and projects.

Our host city of Bucharest, Romania is marked by unique geography, history, and culture. Making for an enriched field for observation, we will explore and put it at the heart of our reflections in line with the Congress' main theme "Beyond EYCH2018. What is the cultural horizon? Opening up perspectives to face ongoing transformations".

The experience will include a city tour of Bucharest and visits to these cultural institutions, each with a key question:

1. CINETic - leading in technological innovation and research in the fields of digital interaction and applied neuroscience in the performing arts. Its knowledge and expertise gained in theater and film, through research and innovation, are used in interdisciplinary art-science-technology projects.

  • What is the relationship between new technologies, urbanization, and the activity of young creators?  

2. The National Museum of Contemporary Art - housed in the Palace of the Parliament, one of the largest administrative buildings in the world. Explore the relationship between this building (an ambitious construction from the communist era), today's museum institution, and urbanization.

  • How to build and support a contemporary cultural institution housed in "embarrassing heritage"?

3. NOD MAKER SPACE - a creative hub established in an old factory of the communist era. It has nurtured a dynamic ecosystem that welcomes designers, artists, engineers, inventors, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  • How do independents recover and use the old industrial buildings for new creative purposes?

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