ENCATC reveals title for its 26th Annual Congress on Cultural Management and Policy

ENCATC reveals title for its 26th Annual Congress on Cultural Management and Policy

Today, ENCATC has revealed the title of its 26th Congress on Cultural Management and Policy: "Beyond EYCH2018. What is the cultural horizon? Opening up perspectives to face ongoing transformations". Taking place from 26-29 September in Bucharest, Romania, the ENCATC Congress will be the occasion for academics, researchers, decision makers, experts, practitioners, artists, students and media from all over the world to open up perspectives as we face ongoing transformations in culture, society, technology, the economy, and the environment. 

On this occasion, ENCATC also shares its reasoning behind the choice of this crucial theme for the field of cultural management and policy as well as holding the Congress during the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

First, culture is changing directions. New beliefs, customs and norms; new symbols and languages; new concepts and paradigms; new demands and expressions, are emerging and impacting the behaviours of individuals and communities, and organisations as well. Indeed, people around the world are changing. They are facing radical challenges that are transforming their ways of thinking, interacting, working and living at different levels. We all are witnesses and protagonists of a wide world transition shaped by various phenomena that are upsetting the main referent points upon which we have built or destroyed values, identities, economies and lives. Moreover, we cannot disregard how the digital shift, climate change, intercultural interaction, the financial crisis, and terrorism are shocking, breaking down, and transforming our individual, societal and economic symbols, status and order, towards unknown dimensions and directions. 

In the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, ENCATC calls on the need to define in advance a response to these great ongoing issues. A call to open up for a deeper reflection on the intersections between past- present- and future-making practices and legacies, for a critical approach to present cultural management and policy education, research and practice and for innovative research to build comprehensive forward-looking scenarios, knowledge, skills and competences to enable such a transition.

As the only European network at the intersection of culture and education, the Congress will gather eminent experts from across the globe to share different points of view, analyse the latest research available, and answer questions such as: What is the cultural horizon for Europeans? Are we maintaining cultural continuity or disrupting it? How do we reconcile the old order with the new one? How can we take into account every upheaval affecting our countries, European values, and affecting us and our organisations on a daily basis?

A dynamic four-day programme will focus on the ongoing cultural transformations and claims according to a socio-anthropological approach to critically analyse the role of education and research in shaping the process by which culture and values are built, transmitted and appropriated, and to re-frame with new views, approaches and perspectives their contributions to a common European Cultural Heritage, its sustainability and exploitation for inclusive growth.


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