25th ENCATC Congress on Cultural  Management and Policy

25th ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy

Join us from 27-30 September 2017 in Brussels for ENCATC’s 25th  Congress! 

Click, Connect and Collaborate! New directions in sustaining cultural networks


The 25th ENCATC Congress is made up of six main components. The diversity in content and aims ensures you will get the most out of your experience. The interconnectivity between the components means knowledge, new ideas, and best practices will cross pollinate to stimulate deep reflection and problem-solving.

25th ENCATC Congress // 27-30 September

25th ENCATC Congress brings the most pertinent and exceptional content and programming on cultural management and policy. The theme of this year’s event will be “Click, Connect and Collaborate! New directions in sustaining cultural networks”. Attendees will learn from renowned international experts who will keynote and lead discussions with academics, researchers, cultural operators, representatives from local, regional, and national governments, artists, and policy makers. 

10th Forum for Young Researchers // 27 September

10th Forum for Young Researchers aims at giving young/early career cultural policy researchers the opportunity to meet fellow researchers and established researchers and professionals from Europe and beyond. They can present research papers and projects, discuss topical research issues, methodology, professional cooperation, publishing possibilities, on-line knowledge exchange and collaboration, as well as access to networks of researchers.

Annual Members’ Forum // 27 September

Annual Members’ Forum is an exclusive programming for ENCATC, AAAE and TACPS members. A special Transfer Knowledge Session will be dedicated to European and transnational projects. Members will gain access to the new teaching methodology, innovative good practice, case studies and more. Moreover, those belonging to these networks can share project ideas and search find trusted and reliable partners.

4th ENCATC Research Award Ceremony // 28 September

4th ENCATC Research Award Ceremony will bestow the prestigious recognition for academic research excellence in the field of cultural policy and cultural management. The winner will be revealed and receive the Award for his or her work on issues at stake with a comparative and cross-cultural research approach and potential to inform policymaking and benefit practitioners active in the broad field of culture.

8th Annual ENCATC Research Session // 29 September

8th Annual ENCATC Research Session  gathers leading researchers and academics from all over the world to deliver the latest world-class research on cultural management and policy. Meticulously planned under the direction of prominent academics, papers are presented in a unique international, intercultural and interdisciplinary environment.

Cultural Study Visits // 30 September

Cultural Study Visits will get participants out into the field to discover flagship cultural institutions and meeting first-hand with local cultural directors and managers. This will be an opportunity to learn what’s happening on the ground, discuss and exchange best practice, challenges and successes. Furthermore, participants can establish contacts with cultural organisations based in Brussels and forge potential partnerships.

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