TACPS call for papers: Special issue on Cultural Science and Technology

TACPS call for papers: Special issue on Cultural Science and Technology

CPME is a high quality, open access, peer-reviewed Chinese and English languages journal published dually online ( and in print by the Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Study (TACPS) every May and November. 

For its new Special Issue on “Cultural Science and Technology”, TACPS is welcoming papers no longer than 10,000 words in English, and 12,000-20,000 words in Chinese on topics of the use of Digital technology, platformization, Big Data, algorithms, virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI), etc.,  in cultural arts creations, and its related problems.

Are the policymakers, academics, artists, and audiences aware of such impacts? What can they do in response to such impacts? How should the various nations’ cultural policies support cultural science and technological developments while supervising, protecting, maintaining, and balancing science and technology’s impacts on society? How should governments prevent platform owners, technology developers, and industry players from monopolizing this process? How should artists, arts organizations, civic movements, or civic groups confront or respond to such issues? Are there any pilot cases or methods?

Papers investigating positive and negative impacts of these issues are welcome to be submitted by 30 November 2023 in CMS Style.

For a full list of suggested topics and to know more details about the call, click here.

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