ENCATC stands with Ukraine

ENCATC stands with Ukraine

Official statement

ENCATC wishes to express its full support and solidarity to people, institutions and members from Ukraine in relation to the unjustified invasion and deadly attacks directed by the Russian government. The loss of democratic integrity should not prevail and the respect of Ukraine's sovereignty must be restored. 

War is never the answer to solve conflicts; diplomacy and full cooperation are the means to a prosperous future for humanity. We thought this was a lesson learnt, yet we find ourselves again in the presence of a war with lives loss and thousands of Ukrainians having to flee their country.

ENCATC believes in peace and the respect of human rights, both core values of the European project we work and live in and we wish to maintain. ENCATC calls for international and European institutions to work united to restore the peace in Ukraine. 

ENCATC is also very concerned about the drastic effects this war brings in for the Ukrainian education and cultural sector in all its manifestations. Educators, students, policy makers and cultural professionals have a very important mission and role to play now defending and preserving Ukrainian's wealth of arts and culture. The cultural management and cultural policy community stands up with you in these dreadful moments; you are not alone! 

In these turbulent days, ENCATC wishes to express its full support and empathy to our member the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. Our thoughts are with you Oleksandra Yakubenko, Daryna Zhyvohliadova and Tetiana Biletska.

GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens
Secretary General

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