5 innovative topics and key questions for the 2020 ENCATC Congress

5 innovative topics and key questions for the 2020 ENCATC Congress

From 3-12 November the 2020 ENCATC Digital Congress will focus on "Cultural management and policy in a post-digital world – navigating uncertainty". Under this theme, the Congress will explore 5 topics to confront head-on new challenges and possibilities emerging for the cultural sector in a post-digital context and, in particular, after the coronavirus outbreak. These topics will help us frame and tackle urgent questions.

  • Media convergence and audience development in a post-digital context

Do we know why people do or do not participate in arts and culture in a post-digital context? Who are they and what are their main drives? And how to find out while securing necessary and important data protection? How big data and data analysis can be helpful? How can digital tools help a post-digital culture identify its post-digital audience? 

  • Education in a post-digital context

What does this experience tell us about the way cultural management and policy was/is taught and learnt? What is to be kept as good practices? To what extent is the human dimension in education substitutable? How will internationalization look like in a context mobility restriction? What can we learn from critical pedagogy in its intersections with digital technologies?

  • Post-digital Cultural Policy

What are the benefits and impacts of the practical use of concept of cultural and creative industries on culture itself? Or what’s the role of creativity and artistic expression in achieving global political and social goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals? At the same time, however, there may be concerns about maximizing the use of the positive influence of culture – i.e. its utilitarian exploitation –, while limiting its natural development and jeopardizing its basic, immanent value. Should we be on guard?

  • Culture, Arts and Ethics in a post-digital context

What ethical issues have emerge in the post-digital context related to the issues of ownership and copyright? How to guarantee artists’ rights?

  • Digitalisation and new business models for cultural institutions

What kind of process of digitization or the development of artificial intelligence have had or will have an impact on cultural production and distribution in its different, very specific areas? What is the impact of current trends on business models of existing organizations?  After the media convergence process, can we expect a similar shift in cultural infrastructure? And how to prepare for it?

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