Announcing the 2020 ENCATC Congress theme!

Announcing the 2020 ENCATC Congress theme!

From 3 to 12 November, the theme of the 2020 ENCATC Digital Congress is "Cultural management and policy in a post-digital world – navigating uncertainty"

The ENCATC Annual Congress is the only global event dedicated to the advancement of theory, education, research and practice on cultural management and policy. 

It has become the cornerstone in the annual calendar for academics, trainers and researchers from the cultural management and policy educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to connect with professionals, policy makers, and artists. Together they work to address pressing issues, explore ground-breaking innovations, bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy, and encourage steps to ensure significant improvements in this industry.

The cultural field being marked by constant evolution and self-questioning, the current times, under the threat of the coronavirus outbreak, find the different cultural agents – in a conscious or rather unconscious process for – (re)positioning themselves in a post-digital context.

Under the theme, we will ask questions such as: 

  • What new, unforeseen challenges emerge for the cultural sector in a post-digital context and, in particular, after the coronavirus outbreak?
  • How could cultural management and policy education prepare itself to adapt to a new scenario?
  • What new political strategies and specific policies will be needed in this post-digital, uncertain times?
  • How do audiences evolve in a post-digital environment?
  • How can the arts and culture bring new perspectives that go beyond purely technological approaches into different spheres of life? What ethical issues arise in this context?

ENCATC is proud to collaborate for this 28th edition with our member and partner, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague who is joining us on the journey to pioneer new ways for our Congress participants to connect, share, and exchange for our inspiring first-ever digital Congress.

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