Call for contributions: /encatcSCHOLAR issue #12

Call for contributions: /encatcSCHOLAR issue #12

/encatcSCHOLAR is an online publication designed to be a unique tool for education and lifelong learning on arts and cultural management and policy.

With the objective of publishing issue #12 of the /encatcSCHOLAR, we are now launching a call for contributions, which will focus, parallel to the topic of the 2019 edition of the ENCATC Annual Congress on Cultural Management and Policy (Dijon, 2-5 October 2019), on “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education”.

>>> DOWNLOAD THE CALL HERE (with instructions for how to submit your contribution)

Deadline: 9 March 2020

Contributions will be welcome for the following sections:

  • Angles section should collect articles on connections of culture to other disciplines, focusing on discussing the challenges and opportunities that could arise from these interconnections, as well as highlighting innovative components that enrich and strengthen practice.
  • Context includes rather theoretical contributions that provide a general overview or reflection on the topic or on a specific question related to the topic of the issue.
  • Case Analysis are made up of case studies presented as a scholarly tool to illustrate situations where cultural managers are facing crossroads, and need to analyze a variety of circumstances to make a well informed decision.
  • Interviews tries to give a voice to leading people in Europe (managers, politicians, artists, ex commissioners, etc). At the end of the interview, the interviewee raises some questions to the readers to encourage discussion and to activate critical thinking on the topics that have been presented.
  • Teaching-experience provides an opportunity for teachers to share in first person, practical ideas to meet their educational goals and to improve the teaching practice.
  • Profiles intends to be a teaching tool for professors, useful for presentation in the classroom of the world’s leading thinkers that have made important contributions to the development and professionalization of cultural management, as well as those who have influenced the establishment of public policies (their main conceptual approaches, major publications, biographical references, etc.).

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