New interview with David Throsby, #encatc2019 Congress keynote

New interview with David Throsby, #encatc2019 Congress keynote

ENCATC can't wait to welcome you next 2-5 October in Dijon, France for our 2019 Congress on “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education.

Over the course of four days, academics, researchers, decision makers, influential experts, practitioners, and artists will gather to discuss diversity in the cultural and creative sectors, multiple practical meanings, the contribution of cultural diversity to the sustainability discourse and practice, as well as rethinking cultural management and policy in the context of the debate on diversity and sustainable development.

To bring the perspective of the most influential international expert on this specific topic, we have invited David Throsby, Distinguished Professor of Economics at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, to be our keynote speaker.

On 3 October, he will share his critical reflections followed by an exciting debate with three eminent experts from different fields and backgrounds.

As we await for Professor Throsby's highly anticipated lecture, read our new interview where he shares some of his thoughts on: 

  • Cultural economics may be seen as articulated to a continuum addressing two value creation perspectives - cultural and economic. How would this articulate with environmental and societal values? 
  • What is the role for the cultural sector in the debates re- the Anthropocene era diagnosis, perspectives, solution?
  • From biodiversity to cultural diversity - is the often suggested parallel relevant? How crucial is cultural diversity to cultural sustainability - and global sustainability?
  • Any examples of cultural and creative projects, experiments, concrete experiences, the sharing of which we may derive lessons in the perspective of the diversity and sustainability challenge?


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