ENCATC Book Series on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy

ENCATC Book Series on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy

On 25 November in Brussels, ENCATC revealed the first publication of it Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education Book Series to an audience of leading academics, researchers, policy makers, cultural professionals, and artists.

It is becoming more and more evident that education in cultural management and cultural policy cannot and should not be separated from research being conducted in the field. Since its creation, ENCATC has recognised this need and has always been very active in pursuing, publishing, presenting, and disseminating research in arts and cultural management and cultural policy to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of cultural management and cultural policy issues.

ENCATC is a partner in many European research projects in fields like leadership, spillover of the creative industries, and heritage. In line with this objective, ENCATC’s own research activities already include over the past years the publication of the scientific Journal of Cultural Management and Policy, the organisation of a Research Session during our Annual Conference, the organisation of the Forum for Young Researchers, and the organisation of the ENCATC Research Award. To continue pursuing this objective and creating even stronger synergy between education and research, in 2014 ENCATC decided to start the publication of its first Book Series.

The aim of this new ambitious project is to foster critical debate and to publish academic research in the field of cultural management and cultural policy. It intends also open up a forum for discussions and debate on the topics of cultural management and cultural policy among scholars, educators, policy makers, and cultural managers. The Book Series is also intended to provide reference tools for education and lifelong learning on cultural management and cultural policies.

To start this new collection of books, ENCATC decided to publish the PhD thesis of the first winner of the ENCATC Research Award: Elodie Bordat-Chauvin. The publication, “When Cultural Policies Change: Comparing Mexico and Argentina”, is a comparative and historical analysis which sheds new light on the emergence, institutionalization and transformation of the cultural policies of two major Latin American countries: Mexico and Argentina. The investigation is based on the material gathered in the ethnographic fieldwork conducted between 2008 and 2010. The work challenges the common assumptions that Mexican cultural policy is characterized by inertia and Argentinean cultural policy by instability. It analyses factors of change and their consequences including reductions in cultural budgets, transformations in cultural industries, and modifications in the balance of power between national, subnational, public and private actors.

The book's author, Elodie Bordat-Chauvin, was invited to present the book at the 2nd ENCATC Reseearch Award Ceremony held on 25 November in Brussels at the Mexican Embassy. 

ENCATC is convinced this series publication is an important contribution for the academic and scientific community and will certainly provide academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners with a unique useful reference tool for the development of cultural policies and practices in Mexico and Argentina.

Learn more about the publication “When Cultural Policies Change: Comparing Mexico and Argentina” here.

Photo Credit: Michael Chia

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