Event Disclaimer


Members, participants, experts and stakeholders, engaged in or attending ENCATC activities, expressly authorise ENCATC, unless legally established otherwise, to make free use of the photographs and recorded material bearing their image. This material may be used in all type of printed and online communication such as brochures, readers, reports and e-magazines, videos, and digital images such as those for the ENCATC website, partner websites and social networks. They also accept that their name and institution is included in the participation list provided to other participants. 

There is no obligation for ENCATC to request prior authorization, and no compensation will be provided. Personal information (name, address, email, etc.) is intended only for the express purpose of organising the event. Should you prefer your e-mail address not to appear in any documents, please write to info@encatc.org (ENCATC Internal Rules 6.3. Image Right).