Brussels, Belgium

On Wednesday 6 April 2016, an Expert Forum organised jointly by UNCTAD and ENCATC gathered in Brussels 19 representives from UNESCO, UNCTAD, the European Commission, ENCATC membership and from the creative sector from 10 European countries.

During the past decade, the creative economy became a topical issue at the international economic and development agenda. Particularly in times of the financial crisis and fundamental societal transformations needed, both planners, politicians, policy makers, researchers and diplomates look at the Creative Economy for guidance and relief.

As we are on the brink of a societal transition, UNCTAD wanted to incorporate the thinking of the Creative Sector. Joining forces with ENCATC, an Expert Forum was hold in Brussels. ENCATC members, renowned experts, and a number of actors, selected on the basis of their personal/organizational significance, have been invited to participate in the creation of the Creative Economy Policy for the upcoming decennia.

“This Expert Forum was an excellent example of ENCATC working with members to gather expertise and foster the exchange of knowledge for the sustainability of the cultural sector - and in this specific case, the position of the Creative Sector,” said ENCATC Secretary General, GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens.

Two central topics were examined: what can the Creative Sector contribute to these discussions, and who might participate in the creation of the Creative Economy Report 2016?