Twitter for Culture and the Arts (Advanced Level)

Brussels, Belgium

The third edition of ENCATC Breakfast brought together 10 professionals for an advanced training session on the power of Twitter tailored for professionals working in culture and the arts. Led by Learning & Development ICT Trainer and Social Media expert, Mervyn Kennedy-Macfoy, participants acquired the necessary tools to make better professional use of their Twitter accounts to benefit themselves and their organisation.

Programme & details

08.30 - 9:00  Welcome breakfast & networking time

09.00 - 11:00 Training

Language: English


  • Twitter short refresher, current statistics, successful uses of Twitter in the cultural sector
  • Supercharging your email notifications from Twitter
  • Scheduling regular visits to your Twitter stream
  • Creating your own Twitter homepage (with lists)
  • Finding your most valuable followers
  • Cleaning up the list of who you follow
  • Expanding your audience by using hashtags
  • Getting familiar with Twitter’s advanced search
  • Keeping the tweets short
  • Creating a system for your favourites
  • Finding your perfect sharing ratio 

About Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy 

Learning & Development ICT Trainer and Social Media expert Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy in less two years went from 83 connections to a staggering 2.339 connections and 10 recommendations. He recently conducted a very well received workshop for ENCATC on LinkedIn. Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy specializes in Personal Re-Branding and CV Optimization, by assisting clients to better leverage the use of social media platforms in their job seeking activities. He is now translating this success to the Twitter and Facebook platforms where he will offer us his insights on best practices for the Arts and Cultural sector. Connect with him here:

Twitter for Culture and the Arts (Advanced Level)