Transformation policies in culture and beyond


During this Members Talk, we will focus on transformational policies in the context of culture and other sectors. The Talk is organized by ENCATC in partnership with the Goethe-Institut as leader of the consortium implementing the Creative FLIP project – an EU co-funded Preparatory Action.

In recent years, our world has faced major challenges that require profound transformations in society. Culture cannot stand on the sidelines, but right (policy) frameworks for the cultural and creative sectors to be positively involved in these transformations are needed. 

The Policy paper “From Reaction to Action - Collaborative Transformation Policies in Culture and Beyond for Future-Oriented Policy-Making and Action” (Creative Flip Project) provides insights into major future transformation scenarios and their impact on the CCS and cultural policy. 

Senior Policy Expert and author of the paper Sylvia Amann will present recommendations on how to activate policy-makers and stakeholders on all governance levels to update cultural policy frameworks by the means of new types of cross-sectoral cooperation, and based on the understanding that we can all be actors of positive change.

  • Cultural diplomacy experts will gain insights into the impact of current challenges on the future of international cultural relations, including the protection of at-risk cultures.
  • Educators will deepen their knowledge on sustainability and "climate culture" to include in their classrooms and ensure awareness among the new generation of cultural professionals.
  • Cultural researchers can better understand the importance of engaging with new technologies like the Artificial Intelligence and their impact on cultural policy and production.
  • Cultural practitioners will understand how cultural institutions can serve as democratic spaces amidst challenges, while also needing to become more democratic themselves.
  • Finally, the Talk will help these actors collaborate, find new solutions, and develop projects to address these challenges together for the benefit of the sector and society.

Transformation policies in culture and beyond