The Voice of Places

Barcelona, Spain

As ENCATC is one of the official members of the stakeholders' committee for the European Year, it has been entrusted with the task of labelling eligible events organised by the members of the network.

"The Voice of Places" is an exhibition in occasion of Loop Festival of Barcelona  and deal with the place, identity, architecture, in particularly with Calabria and Palermo, to give a voice to the places, nature and heritage. From 12-18 November, the project will be exhibited at the Espronceda Center for Art and Culture, a member of ENCATC.

"The Voice of Places" project is part of the artistic research by Savina Tarsitano on emotional architecture . In addition to Savina Tarsitano showing her work, the exhibit also invites creations from the composer Maya Baarsacq who realized a video on the "Face of Calabria" and Davide Gambino with two movies on the territory of Palermo and Sicily. One movie has been produced by the Benetton Foundation.


The Voice of Places