RICS Co-convenor speed-dating event



To help ENCATC members (and new members who join) match their research interests to propose a RIC, members can register for a co-convenor speed-dating event that will take place on 04 June 2021!

The main goal of ENCATC Research Interest Clusters is to enable members with an interest in a specific research topic or problematic within the arts and cultural management and policy field to work together to further research or to deepen understanding of that topic.

A RIC provides an online space for professional and social networking in which individuals with a shared and specialised research, education or professional interest can cluster, connect and move their knowledge interest forward and share it with the relevant and wider communities.

Co-convenor speed-dating process

How to get your research interests matched: Individuals apply for a speed-date to meet a potential co-convenor/s by 28 May

  1. Individuals apply for a speed-date to meet a potential co-convenor/s by 28 May
  2. ENCATC will match application topics with similar topics/people 
  3. Speed-date participants will be informed if ENCATC found a match or more and confirm the speed-date to all involved 
  4. Speed-date on Friday, 4 June in Zoom breakout rooms by topic
RICS Co-convenor speed-dating event