Planetarium Poetry Fest

Brussels, Belgium

A festive evening of poetic performances and visual creations

To seal off the year 2023 and begin the holiday season with a joyful and uplifting cultural gathering, ENCATC invited guests to an enchanting evening of poetry and visual creations in the frame of the Creative Europe project the Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest 2023.

Held in the magical premise of the Brussels Planetarium, under the theme “The World Is Your Oyster,” we explored the world as a mollusk, as a place where pearls are born, but also beauty. The oyster is also a barometer of the viability of oceans and seas, a symbol of momentary passion and transient life, of foreseen and unforeseen human intervention.

For the evening, the planetarium itself became a safe oyster, away from reality, a soft, pleasant place full of life: an intimate room where the audience could experience poetry in all its aspects. A number of distinguished domestic and foreign artists took part in the event, alongside projections that had purposefully been created to accompany their performances. Through a collaboration with the AP Hogeschool and Maxlab, the creations have also involved many creative students. The event offered a unique, fulfilling experience, with captivating performances and beautiful visual creations to get immersed into.

Planetarium Poetry Fest