Panettone: A made in Italy product to be protected

Brussels, Belgium

54th ENCATC Cultural Happy Hour celebrates food culture!

53rd ENCATC Cultural Happy Hour celebrates food culture!

On 6 December in Brussels, ENCATC's Cultural Happy Hour guests gathered for a final networking event of 2019 for  an exceptional evening to learn more about - and taste! - traditional Italian Panettone. 

This type of sweet bread loaf from Italy is usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and the New Year, which made this the perfect occasion for ENCATC's final Cultural Happy Hour of 2019.

Panettone has a long rich history and for centuries was an Italian product. But with globalisation Panettone is reaching around the world, experiencing expanding consumer demand. This is good news for Panettone's visibility and recognition. However, it also means Panettone is being made by imitators outside of Italy and from either non traditional methods or with industrial ingredients. 

This makes it all the more urgent to protect traditional Panettone and document its time-honoured baking methods, knowledge, and practice passed from generation to generation. Cultural Happy Hour guests heard from Emanuele Giordano, President of the Made in Italy Association, who has founded the National Panettone and Pandoro Fair. Its creation and important work being done help to bring awareness to protecting traditional Panettone, showcasing  artisanal production,  and supporting the Panettone Excellence Team. 

The Cultural Happy Hour concluded with a delicious Panettone tasting of both savoury and sweet offerings! 

Panettone: A made in Italy product to be protected