Mind Mapping for activity Reports! Their Creation & Presentation made easy

Brussels, Belgium

To learn about mind mapping software and tools, ENCATC organised a second training session to follow up the ENCATC Breakfast “Introduction to Mind Mapping”.

Programme & details

Using case studies and templates, 13 ENCATC Breakfast participants had a hands-on training with mind mapping software led by Learning & Development ICT Trainer Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy. He showed participants how to use programmes such as XMind and NovaMind in the preparation and drafting of annual activity reports, presentations, but also for brainstorming, project and event planning, and self organisation.


  • Quick overview Mind Mapping Software: Xmind and NovaMind
  • Collective Scenario Based use of Xmind/NovaMind for creating Annual Activity Reports
  • Overview of Mind Mapping Templates for:
    • Task Lists
    • Meetings
    • Writers and bloggers
    • Brainstorming
    • Project and Event Planning
    • Self organisation

About Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy

Learning & Development ICT Trainer and LinkedIn expert Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy recently conducted two very well received workshops for ENCATC on the optimized use of LinkedIn and Twitter. Mr. Kennedy-MacFoy specializes in Personal Re-Branding and CV Optimization, assisting clients to better leverage social media platforms use in job seeking activities. A long-term adopter and avid user of Mind Mapping software, he will offer us his insights on best practices and useful uses of Mind Mapping for the Arts and Cultural sector. Connect with him here: http://be.linkedin.com/in/mervynkennedymacfoy

Mind Mapping for activity Reports! Their Creation & Presentation made easy