ENCATC Members Talk - The impact of COVID-19 on the Art World and the Art Market


Yelena Kharitonova

Founder of Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency and Consultancy

Yelena Kharitonova is ENCATC’s member and is a Founder of Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency and Consultancy, which is based in the Netherlands. She has been creating educational opportunities to for young designers for Annual Dutch Design Weeks. She is busy with different EU’s projects nowadays, such as European Spaces for Culture and The New European Bauhaus. 

She holds an MA in Cultural Management, Policy and Education and an MA in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University.

Her recent interests include all aspects of EU International Cultural Relations. She believes that the way we, Europeans, are dealing with creativity and cultural diversity determines the level of the trust we build not only among ourselves, but also the rest of the world.