ENCATC Members Talk - Hybrid Cultural Programme Models



The 11th ENCATC Members Talk "Hybrid Cultural Programme Models" was held on 20 November from 14:30-15:30 (CET).  This Members Talk was proposed by ENCATC member, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism.  

On the agenda of this talk: international interest is driven by the role the model can play, on the one hand in extending digital audiences, and on the other by its potential to support drawing people back to physical attendance at cultural institutions and sites in the COVID context. The conversation was supported by examples of best principles and practice. On a research level, questions such as reaching targeted demographics, relationships to new funding models and greater financial sustainability in the sector, ‘positioning’ within an online ecosystem, among others were addressed.

The Talk was moderated by ENCATC Secretary General, GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens.

This important topic was introduced by ENCATC member, Gregory Baeker, Director of Cultural Planning and Development in the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) - Abu Dhabi and complemented by interventions from our members and experts: Imanol Galdos, Assistant Manager, Donostia Kultura in Spain, Claire Giraud-Labalte, Art historian and professor emeritus from France, and Savina Tarsitano, an Italian visual artist. 

ENCATC Members Talk - Hybrid Cultural Programme Models