Emotional Architecture

Barcelona, Spain

Dialogue between people and their historial cultural heritage

With “Emotional Architecture”, Savina Tarsitano wants to further develop her artistic research on the “Invisible”. The project of an artistic search on "the invisible" born as an evolutionary stage of a series of artistic interventions in places and historical buildings which since 10 years brought her to elaborate themes site-specific as "The island you want", "The Third building" and "Icons of the chaos"in cooperation with poets, musicists and writers.

The central idea is to explore the ambiguity/conflict in the aesthetic "visions" of the communities, by investigating how people perceive and live the historical dimension of the territory and their cultural heritage. The objective is to develop a process of visual translation through the practice and the thought amongst the different art forms (photo, painting, music), to be possibly extended to other areas. The result expected is a “plurilanguages” artistic work, which brings together the variety of visual expressions, and which transforms the inevitable residual ambiguity into communicative gift. For this reason, the project is entitled "Emotional Architecture”. The project will carry out in cooperation with Espronceda Center for Art & Culture in Barcelona in organising round tables, cultural events in connection with local community in cooperation with other countries and artistic exhibitions of Savina Tarsitano’s work.

10 September Espronceda Round Table on:

“Any del patrimoni europeu de la cultura: on el passat es troba amb el futur i la relació amb l’art contemporani”

  • November Cuba in cooperation with the Third Paradise Embassy and the Oficina del Historiador de la ciudad, the Italian Embassy, Espronceda and Arte Continuaworkshop with children in cooperation with the International project Kids-Guernica inspired to Picasso in realizing a big canvas on the importance of culture heritage
  • Soveria Mannelli, southern of Italy: workshops with children in cooperation with Kids-Guernica Third Paradise and Espronceda in valorising the cultural heritage with an creative circuit in the city through the big canvases.

Emotional Architecture