Digitization and AI in the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Latin America


Digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) remain a key opportunity for the growth of creative industries in Latin America, especially for preserving and sharing cultural heritage. However, there are also challenges, such as the risk of cultural homogenization and the need to ensure equitable access to technology and digital content. 

In this ENCATC Members Talk, two perspectives will be showcased to illustrate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developing in Latin America, specifically in Colombia. On one hand, Rafael Orduz, a Colombian economist with a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Goettingen and Former Deputy Minister of Education, has been involved in experiences where Artificial Intelligence is seen as a powerful tool with the potential to transform education and contribute to closing existing gaps. In this regard, Rafael's work contributes to promoting a combination of strong public policies and collaboration with the private sector to encourage the proper use of AI for the benefit of children and youth.

The second presenter is Eduardo Montilla, a Colombian professional in education, media, and technology. Over the last four years, Eduardo has spearheaded the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the media and creative industry in Latin America. He is the founder of "Sintesis XYZ," a transmedia and educational platform focused on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity. Eduardo is a seasoned expert in new technologies, having played a leading role in advancing artificial intelligence in various phases within the Colombian artistic and cultural landscape since 2016. Within this context, Mr. Orduz and Mr. Montilla will generously share their experiences in this discussion space.

This Members Talk will start at h. 16:00.

Digitization and AI in the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Latin America