Cultural Policy Research Award Ceremony 2010

Brussels, Belgium

The 2010 CPR Award

The winner of the CPR Award 2010 is Claire Bullen, a 2nd year PhD Student at the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures – an inter-disciplinary research centre at the University of Manchester.

Claire Bullen was awarded the 10.000 euros prize on 7 October 2010 during the 18th ENCATC Annual Conference which took place in Brussels (6-8 October 2010). 

Videos presenting the 6 finalists and the CPRA winner are available on the ENCATC website.

trailer for the 2010 CPRA as well as interviews with the winner, finalists and Jury Members  are also available on the ECF website.

 The Winning Project Proposal:

The title of her research project is "European Capitals of Culture and everyday cultural diversity: Comparing social relations and cultural policies in Liverpool (UK) and Marseille (France)". The project will develop an analytical framework to compare everyday cultural diversity in two multi-ethnic urban neighbourhoods in France and the United Kingdom. Taking the European Capital of Culture programme as the analytical entry point, the focus will be threefold: 1) the local, national and European cultural policy contexts and their interaction with urban restructuring; 2) policy implementation at the local level; and 3) the ways in which the lives and practices of ‘ordinary people’ and cultural actors are affected by cultural policy implementation.  Using an ethnographic approach, the project will consider whether actual understandings and implementation of the European Capital of Culture programme are alike in the two cities, places with similar histories, facing comparable social and economic challenges yet situated in different national policy contexts. The project will also shed light upon the ways in which European, national and city-level debates on the norms, principles and policies of cultural diversity and culture-led regeneration interact with and impact upon the quality of lives of ordinary people. 

The Award Ceremony:

The final decision of the international jury was publicly announced on 7 October at 14h00 during the 18th ENCATC Annual Conference which took place in Brussels (6-8 October 2010)

The 6 finalists for the 2010 CPR Award:

The six finalists were: Isabelle Brianso (FR),Claire Bullen (UK), Mariangela Lavanga (IT), Jean-Gilles Lowies (BE),  Francesca de Micheli (IT) and Daniela Simeonova – Koroudjieva (BG). To find out more about the 6 finalists selected for this year's CPR Award, please click here.

Interviews with the finalists are available on the ECF's website.  

Cultural Policy Research Award Ceremony 2010