Cultural Policy and Management Emerging Professionals' and Students' Forum


The first Cultural Policy and Management Emerging Professionals' and Students' Forum was held on 18 October 2021 from 16:30-17:30 CEST as part of the pre-programming of the 2021 ENCATC Digital Congress "Artists in the spotlight! In search of new agendas for education and research in the cultural management and policy field" (19-22 October). 

The panel relfected on the role of the artist in the pandemic context with the invited speakers sharing their own views in relation to ENCATC’s Digital Congress theme and the following questions:

  • Has the role of the artist changed over the last 18 months? If so, how socially engaged or innovative should an artist be nowadays and why? Should an artist contribute to making unrepresented voices heard?
  • What employment and collaboration opportunities are there in the sector to support artistic practice now? What entrepreneurial models have you identified and how can they serve an artist’s sustainable development?
  • How should artists contribute to the new agenda for research and education in cultural management and policy, especially in light of a more inclusive, diverse and democratic future?

Panellists’ insights came from their own academic and professional background, covering a diversified set of perspectives: artistic, curatorial and mobility-based.

As part of the pre-congress programme, ENCATC aimed to reach the next generation of cultural managers and actors of the wider cultural and creative ecosystem. This event was an initiative of ENCATC in partnership with the Arts & Cultural Management Conference. 

Cultural Policy and Management Emerging Professionals' and Students' Forum