Cultural Management and Environmental Sustainability

Brussels, Belgium

morning session

08:30 - 09:30

Registration and networking breakfast

Our coaches for the ENCATC Breakfast training will be: 

09:30 - 10:20

Welcomes by Sergi Farré, Conseiller Culturel, Spanish Embassy in Brussels and GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens, Secretary General at ENCATC

Introduction and training delivered by the coaches:

  • Understanding climate change and the urgency of adopting environmental sustainability across all areas of human activity
  • Key terms and concepts
  • The Global Picture - the International Climate Agreements
  • The Cultural Response - General Introduction

10:20 - 10:50

Q&A session 

10:50 - 11:05

Coffee break

11:05 - 12:30

The Cultural Response

  • Sustainability and Cultural Policies / Creative Climate Leadership: The work of Julie's Bicycle - The 7 Trends
  • Case Studies

afternoon session

14:00 - 17:00

Embedding environmental sustainability in cultural institutions and arts organisations

  • The principles: commit, understand, improve, communicate
  • The methods, the tools
  • A step-by-step introduction to "greening" your operations: (1. Ground rules for "greening the office"; 2. Producing a "green" theatre production: a case study)
  • Presentation of the IG Tools (Creative Industry Green Tools) and the Creative Green Certification Scheme