Cultural Management and Environmental Sustainability

Brussels, Belgium

This ENCATC Breakfast will make the case for action on climate change and the environment by the cultural sector. Learn about the approach developed by Julie's Bicycle, a non profit in the United Kingdom that for over 10 years has established an extensive methodology for environmental change through culture. The training will also explore other interventions, share expertise and practical resources, present case-studies and success stories, and inspire participants to act on climate change.

The creative community is uniquely placed to respond to one of the major challenges of our times: climate change and the environment. Arts and culture are the true barometers of the world around us; they influence our individual and collective experiences, and shape the decisions we make. Cultural institutions and arts organisations can therefore be a platform from which to engage and inspire action on climate change. Environmental sustainability is also intrinsic to the resilience of an arts organisation and makes economic as well environmental sense.

The creative climate movement is growing momentum and speed internationally, embedding sustainability as a core principle and value. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change is an opportunity for the cultural sector to assume some leadership, and to use creativity to prompt environmental change: by adapting how you run your operations, how you prepare your policies or how you make your artwork.


The ENCATC Breakfast is a unique opportunity to learn about the Creative Industry Green Tools (IG Tools) which are a set of free online carbon calculators developed by Julies Bicycle. The tools  are currently used by more than 3,000 arts and cultural organisations worldwide from over 15 countries. The Tools allow organisations to calculate and understand the impacts of their venue, office, tour, production, event or a festival’s environment impacts. The Creative Green services enable you to embed environmental sustainability into your work, allowing you to demonstrate action on climate change. 


Julie’s Bicycle is the leading international organisation bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the cultural sector. Founded in 2007, JB is a London based charity, which works with about 2,000 cultural organisations across the UK and internationally to inspire action on climate change and the environment. Learn more:


"The ENCATC Breakfast training sessions are most useful and have a long-lasting impact. I have gained a critical view on global cultural values and my experience has encouraged me towards a more holistic approach in international cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue. Next to these useful experiences, at ENCATC Breakfasts I am given the opportunity to meet new people with like-minded spirits to learn.” - Gudrun Heymans, Creative Europe Culture Desk Vlaanderen

 "The ENCATC Breakfast training is an excellent way to start your day. You get the chance to meet people in an informal and friendly environment and this is a great moment for networking. The training I attended about Brainstorming lasted one morning, was conducted in an efficient manner, and the practical case study perfectly complimented the training. I would warmly recommend the ENCATC Breakfast training." - Patricia Simonart, Press & PR Assistant, BRAFA – Brussels Art Fair

 "The ENCATC Breakfast meeting I attended was time well spend. I arrived at my office in the afternoon with new ideas, inside information and valuable contacts to follow up on. What better way to start the day?" - Arjen Gerretsen, UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels

Cultural Management and Environmental Sustainability
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