Community Development through Creative Action



The Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture project invites you to its upcoming ENCATC Members Talk “Community Development through Creative Action”, taking place on 29 April. 

This latest ENCATC Members Talk is organised in support of the capacity building activities, namely Academy Camps, podcasts, and webinars, delivered within the framework of the Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture service contract under the auspices of the European Commission, with the aim of building capacity and promoting peer learning among the European Capitals of Culture (ECoC). 

Every European Capital of Culture should be designed under the principles of cultural democracy, community development and participatory art, working together with artists, citizens, NGOs, and other groups interested in developing projects with the community. 

In order to better respond to the specific needs of European Capitals of Culture regarding community development, the ENCATC Members Talk will focus on the theme “Community Development through Creative Action”. The Academy Camp 4 was dedicated this theme with a space for training, peer learning and sharing on the growing importance of cultural participation, and community development and empowerment through cultural actions. 

Specifically, it will address two different parts:

  • A brief presentation of the Academy Camp 4 in Timişoara (Romania)
  • A discussion devoted to culture, democracy, and participation, including presentations of case studies on work with communities involved in the Academy Camp 4

The challenges faced by ECoC delivery teams do not only concern them, but are a reality for the entire cultural sector. One of the objectives of this Members Talk is to share the knowledge of the multidisciplinary group of experts contributing to the Capacity Building for ECoCs service contract with the ECoCs delivery teams and stakeholders from the creative and cultural sectors. 

Audiovisual materials and publications from the fourth Academy Camp organised are available online:

This Members Talk is co-organised with Interarts, CAE and AEIDL.

Community Development through Creative Action