China and the great changes to come


2nd conference-debate organised by the Bruno Lussato & Marina Fedier Institute in collaboration with ENCATC.

Within the framework of the ENCATC Cultural Happy Hours, ENCATC has established a partnership with the Bruno Lussato & Marina Fedier Institute!

The Coronavirus crisis has painfully exposed the major flaws of our time, be they health, ecological, economic, societal or ethical. Are we doomed to silence, inertia, fatalism? This evening conference-debate is part of an ongoing series "Facing Crisis: Engaging the Metamorphoses of Tomorrow " which invites you gain a better understanding of the complexity of current issues. How to transcend the crisis? What vision to offer? To this end, eminent personalities will give you answers to initiate the metamorphosis of the world of tomorrow.

On 24 March 2021 from 19:30-21:00 (CET), on the topic of "China and the great changes to come" our renowned international expert was Guy-Olivier Faure. He is an expert in international relations, with a particular interest in action and strategic thinking, applied in particular to conflict resolution and terrorism. China is one of his specialties: for 20 years he worked on economic issues at CEIBS (China-Europe International Business School in Shanghai). He has taught at the Sorbonne, Harvard Law School, New York University and Oxford University. He is a consultant for governments and international organizations such as UNESCO, EU, UN, World Trade Association (WTO).

His presentation covered four main themes:

  • How China thinks of itself and thinks of the world
  • The Empire between the four seas and the tributaries
  • Post-Maoist China and the New Silk Roads
  • China in the future of the world: geo-strategy, culture, economy
China and the great changes to come