Balassi Cultural Institute

Brussels, Belgium

33rd ENCATC Cultural Happy Hour celebrates the 11th anniversary of Victor Vasarely

On the evening of 16 December in Brussels, ENCATC held its 33rd Cultural Happy Hour at the Balassi Cultural Institute in Brussels, Cultural Service of the Hungarian Embassy.

Welcomed by by ENCATC President,  Annick  Schramme, the evening’s guests were introduced to Zsófia Villegas- Vitézy, Cultural Counsellor at the institute who gave an in- troduction to the activities and cultural events organised in the space, its connection to Brussels’ cultural heritage within its walls as well as the current exhibition “Moi Vasarely".

Presented by the Balassi Institute Brussels, this exhibition comes on the occasion of Victor Vasarely’s 110th anniversary. Vasarley (1906-1997) was as a Hungarian–French artist, who is widely accepted as a "grandfather" and leader[2] of the short-lived op art movement. Contemporary artists were inspired by the work of Vasarely and as a reflection they created new art and design works. In addition to the posters, paintings and video work, original works of Vasarely also took of the exhibition.

More than 20 Cultural Happy Hour guests  from Belgium, across Europe and as far as Asia and North American toured the exhibition which was follows by a networking reception to continue fostering new contacts and fostering international exchanges.

Balassi Cultural Institute