Atelier of Roseline d'Oreye


Discover with us the Atelier of Roseline d'Oreye, celebrating love, beauty and creativity!

Roseline d'Oreye is a professional illustrator who has traveled the world. Today she dedicates her skill in artistic patterns and the use of colour to the world of silk, following in the footsteps of the great painters of the past. Her travel journals have been translated into silk scarves that act as showcases of beauty. A sense of enchantment is present in each of her original creations that call out to be worn.

On February 14, ENCATC invites you to its new Cultural Happy Hour to discover the secrets of this very unique artist's work and her three collections of scarves and silk carrĂ©s. It will be the opportunity to delve into a world of beauty, creativity and style, being reminded of how "enchantment is more than just a question of attitude, but a way of respecting life", as the artist likes to frame it. 

There could be no more significant opportunity to embrace this concept than Valentine's Day, the date in which everyone is reminded of the importance of love, not just in its romantic meaning, but in its universal value and significance. We invite all participants to embark with us on this discovery journey, unveiling beauty as we remember to appreciate and cherish the bonds that unite us beyond our provenances and destinations.

Organised by ENCATC in partnership with the Creative Europe Desks Vlaanderen in the framework of the very successful Cultural Happy Hours initiative, this gathering will once again offer the opportunity to find authentic encounters and learn about innovative and unconventional arts and crafts, while cultivating new ideas and throwing seeds for future projects, with colleagues from Brussels and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Atelier of Roseline d'Oreye