7th ENCATC Annual Research Session

Valencia, Spain

The 7th Annual ENCATC Research Session will be held on 6 and 7 October in Valencia, Spain in the framework of the 24th ENCATC Annual Conference (5-7 October 2016)

The 7th Annual ENCATC Research Session in Valencia builds on successful previous sessions organised in Lecce (2015), Brno (2014), Antwerp (2013), London (2012), Helsinki (2011), and Brussels (2010).

This year 44 papers from 22 countries were selected by the Research Session’s Scientific Committee. To contribute to advancing the careers of Research Session presenters, we have invested in the publication of an e-book “Cultural Management Education in Risk Societies – Towards a Paradigm and Policy Shift?!” (ISBN 978-92-990036-5-7).

Since its creation in 2010 more than 155 authors have presented their work coming from across Europe and also Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, and the United States.

ENCATC’s remains committed to anticipating the future and better understanding the past by promoting access to cutting-edge research in our field.

For more information : http://blogs.encatc.org/annualconference2016/#research

7th ENCATC Annual Research Session