5th ENCATC Research Award Ceremony

Bucharest, Romania

Mircea Diaconu

Member of the European Parliament, Vice-chair Committee on Culture and Education

    1972-1982 : actor, Bulandra Theatre, Bucharest

    1977-1978 : assistant teacher, 'Ion Luca Caragiale' Theatre and Film Institute, Bucharest

    1982-1990 : actor, 'Nottara' Theatre, Bucharest

    1990-2001 : Self-employed actor

    1990 : founder member of Civic Alliance Foundation

    1990-1996 : teacher, 'Ion Luca Caragiale' National Film and Theatre University, Bucharest

    1996-2000 : Member of the National Audiovisual Council

    2000-2011 : director, 'Nottara' Theatre, Bucharest

    2008-2014 : member of National Liberal Party, deputy leader

    2008-2012 : senator, member of Committee on Culture, Arts and the Media, Equal Opportunities Committee, member of Joint Standing Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate for relations with UNESCO

    2012 : Minister of Culture

    2014- ... : Member of the European Parliament, independent