2024 ENCATC Congress

Lecce, Italy

The 2024 ENCATC Congress, “Culture that matters: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable Futures”, will take place in Lecce, Italy, from 18-20 September 2024, in partnership with the Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Economia and Scuola Superiore ISUFI of the University of Salento, and Tecnopolis PST.
The Congress is not just a forum for discussion but a hub for action and transformation in the cultural sector’s drive for sustainability. By participating, you gain a unique opportunity to exchange and network with the cultural management and policy community from all around the world, fostering new connections and sparking future collaborations.
This year, we will work towards practical solutions and critical dialogue on climate action within the cultural and creative sectors. Committed to environmental resilience and restoration, ENCATC aims to deepen awareness and knowledge of sustainability across disciplines, enhance professional competencies, and champion evidence-based, sustainability-focused policies.
At the heart of this event lies a desire to transform the discourse on sustainability, exploring its varied dimensions: environmental, economic, and social. The Congress brings together theoretical insights with real-world applications, aiming to take tangible steps towards a sustainable future. Recognising the complexities of the challenges we face, we prioritise an interdisciplinary approach, combining cultural, ecological, and social perspectives to create holistic solutions. Through interdisciplinary knowledge and practical experience, we aim to shape new pathways to tackle the most pressing issue of our time.

The 2024 ENCATC Congress will feature several sessions, including:

In addition, an ENCATC Study Tour will be organised on 21-22 September to discover the Grecìa Salentina (Salentine Greece) area in the province of Lecce.


The ENCATC Congress 2024 offers two different spaces for your to share your work with the Congress' international audience:

Education and Research Session (Deadline: 31 May 2024)

  • Abstracts: Present your research objectives, methodology, and compelling results.
  • Teaching Demonstrations: Share your innovative teaching methods and engage with the latest educational tools.
  • Panel Proposals: Lead a collaborative panel discussion showcasing interconnected research presentations.
  • Poster Proposals: Present your project or research visually and captivate the audience with your findings.

Projects Showcase (Deadline: 31 May 2024)

  • Present your innovative project specifically addressing how climate change is impacting the cultural and creative sectors, as well as exploring a broader notion of sustainability in relation to culture.

Join us as we shape a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable cultural landscape, demonstrating how culture matters and can be a key proactive agent for change!

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2024 ENCATC Congress